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The Data Processors INDIA is a leading BPO company based in New Delhi–INDIA, providing offshore Data Entry services to the customers across the globe. We Offer Data Entry, eCommerce Product Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Conversion, Scanning, OCR, Web Designing and Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services etc. to our customers based in US, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Israel, The Netherlands, New Zealand, France, Hong Kong, etc.

OCR Scanning Services

Optical Character Recognition also known as OCR, a technique of scanning typed, written or published text into different digital formats like MSWORD, Excel, WEB, etc., for official purposes. One of the main benefits of OCR Scanning service is that data entered is faster as well as accurate compared to any other manual data entry service procedure.

OCR Scanning is a technology that converts different type of documents like scanned papers, PDF Files or image captured from camera into editable and readable format. You don’t get documents in readable and editable format when you scan them. A scanner just creates a black and white image of document in an unorganized format making it readable quite difficult. The situation becomes quite tough when you have to use these documents for your office work.

To overcome this problem, you need OCR Scanning software that helps in making scanned documents, photos and PDF Files into easy to understand format. OCR Scanning extracts letters from scanned images, put them in words and convert them into meaningful sentences making it easier for you to read, edit or do anything with your OCR converted document.

It is better to outsource OCR document scanning services to a professional company, since as a business organization; first, you don’t get documents in non digital format frequently, hence hiring a full time employee for some temporary project doesn’t make a logical decision. Second, organizing data is such an uphill task that it won’t leave you any time to concentrate on completing your project especially when you have a tight deadline. Hence, it is better to outsource OCR scanning services to a well organized company who can scan and send your official document in time.

Outsource OCR Scanning Services at TDPI

Our OCR Scanning Outsourcing service allows any typewritten documents to be converted into electronic format such as PDF so that it can be utilized for official purposes.

By opting for our OCR Services, you don’t have to worry anything about converting your confidential paper document into an electronic format. We use latest software like Kofax for scanning documents and then convert it into an easy to use format like PDF, Excel or Word through free online conversion software. Our OCR Service is known to give most accurate result with no mismatch of information at all from original document.

Our scanning team is well expert in identifying text with low resolution, in small font or in low contrast color and easily convert them into a readable format. We ensure that font sizes of all documents remain same throughout document so that no one has any difficulty in reading them.

OCR Document Scanning Services at The Data Processors INDIA

Various OCR scanning services which we frequently provide to our client are as follows:

Document Scanning : Scan paper documents to convert them into digitized format.

PDF Conversion Converts Hard Copy Document into PDF Format.

Full Text OCR Scanning Services Any type written document is converted into electronic format such as research paper, academic paper or even old book.

JPEG Scanning Online conversion of data JPEG, PING format to Excel, WORD OR PDF Format to make it usable.

Book Conversion Conversion of whole book into electronic format.

Features of Outsourcing OCR Scanning Services to TDPI

By Opting for our OCR Scanning Services, you are getting a virtual database of all your important documents at nominal cost. It helps you to get rid of papers, secure your information as well as environment friendly too.

Our OCR Service helps you in getting all information in short time possible especially when you have information in bulk and have a tight deadline hanging on your head.

By outsourcing OCR Scanning to us, you can maximize resources in core issues of your business. You don’t need people to do data entry manually for you which give you plenty of time on getting new clients for your business.

OCR Scanning can really help you to run your office efficiently. Feel free to call us or drop us an email for your OCR Scanning requirement, our team is ready to assists you 24x7 for your OCR scanning project.

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