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Offline Data Entry Service

Offline Data Entry Service means entry of specific information in personal computer according to client instruction without using internet. Once information is stored, it is send to client through email or CD-Rom as per his requirement. Some examples of offline data entry are managing data in MSWORD, MS-Excel, filling of offline forms and making a database based on official reports. Offline Data Entry is best suited for office where all data is maintained in papers. Storing Official data from paper files to PC not only save cost, but also helps in organizing data in structured manner so that anybody can access it with ease. On top of that, it is environment friendly makes your office neat and clean all the time.

Outsource Offline Data Entry Services to TDPI
TDIP is leading data entry outsourcing company throughout India as well as in UK and US market too. It is best suited for offline data entry services for your organization. The company provides offline data entry solutions for small, mid cap, or big MNCs globally to help them in accessing official information in an organized manner. Our offline data entry service providers are well versed in converting any offline data information into online format quickly as well as efficiently. From creating financial report of company in online format to converting all paper documents into digital format, we serve all kinds of offline data entry needs for our clients. Our offline data entry executives are expert in creating database in various formats for storing your information. We use Excel, Access, Google Spreadsheets and Word document for implementing offline data entry services. Our offline data entry executives have a record of delivering project on time with perfect accuracy. We thoroughly process all documents entered online so that they do not have any kind of mistake, error or mismatch of information.

Offline Data Entry Services at The Data Processors INDIA
We specialize in following offline data entry services:
Book Data Entry
Office Documents Data Entry
Tax Form Data Entry
Yellow Pages Data Entry
Offline Insurance Claim Entry
Birth or Death Records Entry
Excel sheet and MS Word data entry
Textual Data Entry Services
Handwritten Data Entry Services
PDF Data Entry Services
Numeric Data Entry Services
Image Data Entry
Payroll Data Entry
Offline Data Collection
Medical Form Data Entry
Business Card Data Entry
Books and Manuscripts Data Entry

Benefits of Outsourcing Offline Data Entry Services to TDPI
We are considered best data entry outsourcing company in India for our quick turnaround service, cost effectiveness and ability to grasp your problem quickly. No matter how complex arranging your official information is, we have record of organizing it in easy manner within schedule time so that your business can run efficiently 24 hours a day.We deal with all section of industries like hospitality, health, FMCG, Construction, real estate, IT and defence too.
Some of India’s leading companies outsource offline data entry services regularly to us not only for our efficient style of working, but for protecting confidential information of their company too, such as financial transactions, bank account details or any other financial details which can cause severe damage to them if leaked publicly. Unlike, other online Data entry companies, you can remain ensured that no matter how confidential your official data is, it will always remain safe with us and only you or your trusted person have right to access that information. We, as a Data Entry Outsourcing Company ensures that our client work is completed on time, without any hassle and no information is lost or leaked. Since it is time consuming, tedious work, it is better to outsource offline data entry services to a professional data entry company like TDPI who is expert in storing data in online format in shortest time possible. Feel free to contact us for any of your offline data entry work.

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